Since there are so many wonderful plant based product options on the market, it can be difficult to know what to buy without feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here is a place to start!

We have tried lots of products over the years, and we only review products we like. In fact, what you see here are products we shop for and use. We choose products that we think are pretty healthy as well as plant based - we read labels to avoid unwanted additives and too much sugar or fat in our selections.
We hope you find items here that you will use and enjoy as well, along with inspiration and guidance for your own explorations.
Some listings include a link to purchase, and if you do decide to buy from our link, we make a small commission to help fund our work. We thank you for your support!

A box of Daiya Deluxe Cheezy Mac
Posted on: | Category:
Mac and Cheese

Daiya makes some very tasty cheese substitutes. They use various ingredients to make a cheeze that melts easily. Their cheddar cheeze in this macaroni and cheeze kit is super smooth and creamy. It comes in separate pouch ready squeeze onto the cooked ...

The Cuisinart Quick Prep Hand Blender
Posted on: | Category:
Handheld Blender

This is a super handy device. It’s the single best way to make a blended creamy soup. Soups are an easy way to be plant powered especially when using the Instant Pot to make soups quickly with little effort and short cooking time. The Cusinart Handheld ...

A bag of Cadia Organic Black Chia Seeds
Posted on: | Category:
Chia Seeds

I really like the Cadia brand Organic Black Chia Seeds. They are an affordable high quality organic product. And the package contains a reasonable about of seeds so you are stocked up for awhile.

Three tablespoons of chia seeds soaked for awhile ...

A Box of Back to Nature Stoneground Wheat Crackers
Posted on: | Category:
Stoneground Wheat Crackers

Crackers are a great snack. They are baked, not fried like corn or potato chips. That said, these Back to Nature crackers have awesome flavor when you eat them straight up. Just the right amount of salt brings out the flavor. They are also nice and ...

Bag of Ancient Harvest Harmony Quinoa
Posted on: | Category:
Harmony Quinoa

Quinoa is becoming a staple for many Plant Powered People, much like rice, pasta and potatoes. One reason is that it’s high in protein. In fact, it is a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids (the ones our bodies cannot make), which ...

Can of Amy's No Chicken Noodle Soup
Posted on: | Category:
No Chicken Noodle Soup

Plant Powered People may miss staple foods like chicken soup, the sort we like to eat when sick or whenever we want some comfort food in a can. Not to worry - there is a delicious plant-based option. Amy’s No Chicken Noodle soup is nothing short of ...

A jar of Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Butter
Posted on: | Category:
Organic Peanut Butter

Plant Powered People select protein from a variety of sources, so why not enjoy some Santa Cruz Organic peanut butter? Of course, if you are not allergic. Peanuts are a good source of protein, as well as potassium, vitamin E, and iron.

This ...

A bottle of SanJ Tamari Sauce
Posted on: | Category:
Tamari Sauce

Soy sauce is an essential ingredient in virtually any stir fry. There are lots of soy sauce and SanJ makes a large variety of different ones. All have little different flavor and intensity. Tamari is very flavorful and like most soy sauce high in sodium. ...

A box of Organic Gourmet Vegetable Bouillon
Posted on: | Category:
Vegetable Bouillon

When you want to quickly add some extra flavor to any dish, just drop a cube of Organic Gourmet Vegetable Bouillon into your sauce or soup. This is an organic vegetable bouillon cube, which is really cool. If you have carefully put together an organic ...

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