Plant Powered People is my response to the need to change our dietary habits to help our planet continue to sustain us. My objective is to encourage even more people to become Plant Powered People as soon as possible. Years ago I wanted to encourage people to move toward a more plant based diet, and now I am doing it with this website. And what a great time for people to turn toward plants for their nutritional needs! It is much easier to do today than it was when I made the switch early in my adult life. There are so many fantastic new products to select from, as well as a large body of information about the benefits of a plant based diet, that it is no wonder more and more people are trending in this direction.
Having lived for decades as a vegetarian and vegan, I bring a perspective of long experience to this website. My team and I look forward to sharing weekly suggestions and ideas with you to encourage you along the way to also living with plants on your menu.
Thank you for visiting, and we welcome you to join us every week!
Founder of Plant Powered People

Plant Powered People

Vegan Nutrition Tips, Ideas & News for making plant based menu choices. Add more plants to your diet one step at a time with our ideas & suggestions.


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