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At Plant Powered People you will find inspiration and ideas for adding more plant-based items into your diet. This is a cool idea for your health and for the health of our beloved planet. At this point we are hearing about the benefits of plants both for personal health and the environment's health. For both reasons, now is the time to "up the ante" and take action to incorporate more plants into your daily menus.
The evidence of climate crisis is now visible all around the world, with extreme weather events attributed to human activities occurring more frequently each season. It all seems so big and daunting that it can make a person wonder what an individual can do to help. One of the actions most easily available to each individual is a choice regarding what to eat. Plants are the answer.
At Plant Powered People, we present ideas for including more plants in your daily routine, in the simplest possible way we can think of. We are encouraging individuals to take such simple steps, one at a time, day by day. Along with information, news, plant focused products, and product reviews, our goal is to provide context for the value of a plant powered lifestyle and actionable options you can make use of today and every day.
Although it is easy to ask yourself what difference your individual food choices can make, if you and hundreds and thousands and millions of people take simple steps each day, you will make a tremendous difference for your health and for our home - our beautiful Earth. So let's get busy and help each other help us all!


Recipes, tips, thoughts and fun things about being and becoming Plant Powered People.

Week by Week Basics

Follow along with simple weekly strategies to become a Plant Powered Person. Easy to follow suggestions to move toward plant based nutrition one step at a time.

Plant Powered

A curated selection of interesting information about the exciting trend toward plant based nutrition happening around the world.


Reviews of new and interesting, and tried and true products for your plant powered lifestyle.

Plant Powered People

Vegan Nutrition Tips, Ideas & News for making plant based menu choices. Add more plants to your diet one step at a time with our ideas & suggestions.


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