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Green Split Pea Soup Minimal Effort

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Here is the simplest possible soup - three ingredients! Water, green split peas, and salt. That’s all. Sometimes you just want to do the least possible amount of work to get to eat something without resorting to opening a frozen dinner or ordering out, right?! You can make that happen with this ridiculously simple dish.

I made this soup accidentally. One evening I cooked some green split peas in my Instant Pot, planning to continue on with creating a soup from them. Once cooked, for fun I stuck a spoon in to find out what they tasted like unadorned since their aroma was particularly enticing that evening, and they were sooooo delicious! I added a bit of salt to amp up the flavor just a little, poured in a splash of water to smooth out the consistency, and ladled some of the soup into a bowl for dinner. With a slice of ciabatta bread waiting on the counter to add alongside the soup, my meal was finished. And it was a satisfying relief to have that delicious meal with so little fussing around - no chopping, no prepping, no big finishing project. Just simple, healthy deliciousness.

I prefer to use organic green split peas, though conventional split peas are just fine as well. Here is a budget friendly organic option to consider:

The Celtic Sea Salt I use in this soup is a favorite of mine, with its rich, savory flavor. You can find it here:

Here is my very unfancy soup:

Green Split Pea Soup Minimum Effort

Rinse about 1 cup of green split peas and put them in your Instant Pot

Add water to cover about 1 inch above the peas

Cook 2 hours in the Instant Pot on the Beans setting (cooking it a long time results in a quite creamy consistency without doing any puree work)

After cooking, add about 1 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt to your taste

Also add a little more water as needed to your desired consistency (a few tablespoons to a half a cup or more).

Once ladled into your bowl, you may wish to add a little dollop of a dairy-free buttery spread in the center for an extra pool of flavor, as in my photo here:

Serve and enjoy.

If you have leftover soup, you may need to add more water when you reheat it. When the soup cools down or it is cold after being refrigerated, it gets rather thick, but warm it up first to see if you really need to add more water. It may be just the way you want it once it is warmed back up.

Of course, you can make a much fancier pea soup, but this is truly my favorite for convenient tastiness.

By the way, have you ever had soup for breakfast? Try it - it is a terrific way to start you day, and this soup is a fantastic choice. You can set your Instant Pot to turn on so your soup will be waiting for you when you are all set for breakfast, and what a simple and hearty breakfast you will have! Let me know if you try it!


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