Since there are so many wonderful plant based product options on the market, it can be difficult to know what to buy without feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here is a place to start!

We have tried lots of products over the years, and we only review products we like. In fact, what you see here are products we shop for and use. We choose products that we think are pretty healthy as well as plant based - we read labels to avoid unwanted additives and too much sugar or fat in our selections.
We hope you find items here that you will use and enjoy as well, along with inspiration and guidance for your own explorations.
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A box of Suzie’s Saltines

Suzie’s Organic Saltines

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These are really delicious plant based saltine crackers. They are organic, which I like, made with organic wheat and olive oil, and they have a very light texture and taste, which I really like. What they don't contain I like as well - no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (those are not good for you).

What could be better with soup than a simple saltine cracker? Sometimes you just wish for that old fashioned type of cracker with your soup, and Suzie's Organic Saltines really deliver for you.

These good for snacking too! They are a perfect base to spread with your favorite hummus dip, nut butter, or butter alternative as an after school or work snack, easy to pack for lunch to address that late afternoon wish for something salty, and a fun accompaniment to any salad.

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