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To celebrate a birthday this past week, we went to The Broken Yolk Cafe. The menu on the website showed several vegan options, so I thought it was possible I could be having more than coffee for brunch. At our outdoor table with menu in hand, I studied the vegan options:

  1. An Acai bowl with acai sorbet, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas plus vegan toppings of sliced almonds and organic agave to replace granola and honey.

  2. Steel cut oats with strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, and organic agave syrup.

  3. A spicy vegan bowl made with the new egg replacer product JUST Egg in a scramble of spinach, mushrooms, onion, bell peppers with fries and plant-based BEYOND SAUSAGE spicy sausage to replace regular sausage, all topped with avocado and hot sauce.

I liked the sound of all of these, especially the idea that organic agave syrup was being served (love organics). But I don’t do spicy foods very well and didn’t know just how spicy the vegan bowl would be, and I was wishing for a combination of savory and fruit. Then I spied the Mom omelet made with spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and topped with salsa fresca and sour cream. Almost perfect. I asked the server if it could be made with the JUST Egg plant-based egg replacer and no sour cream - and she said yes. Breakfast was almost served! For my two sides I chose two small fruit bowls. Pretty soon my breakfast arrived:


And here is the spicy vegan bowl, ordered by my husband, who loves spicy food:

If you have not tried the JUST Egg product, I highly recommend it. The omelet was visually appealing and had the omelet “look” one expects. The scrambled “egg” held its form and texture to create the omelet shape and cushion the sautéed veggies folded inside. When I took my first bite, and every one after that, I found the omelet very flavorful and satisfying. Though I haven’t had an egg-based omelet for decades so cannot really compare, this dish was just right for me, and I enjoyed it very much. Plus the fresh fruit was just the right complement of something a little bit sweet with the savory main dish.

The menu includes a nice assortment of coffees, teas, juices, and some mimosas and such to round out any brunch celebration. Our various coffee drinks came served in fun canning jars suitable to the cafe’s overall casual style and our outdoor seating.

An additional positive point was that the host and serving staff were so courteous and pleasant and humerous that they really added to our celebration. Thanks to all of them!

I was impressed that this traditional-style breakfast cafe is accommodating the growing interest in vegan options and has included some really good ones on the menu. And as I did, it is worth asking about substitutions to get to a vegan dish, if what you want is not quite listed.

The company’s website,, lists their locations in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Idaho. If you are in the area of one of the cafes, do stop in with assurance you can find a vegan option for your breakfast, brunch, or lunch. According to the website, locations appear to be open from about 7-7:30 a.m to about 2-3 p.m. daily, depending on the particular site. And of course they do pick-up and delivery.

You can learn more about JUST Egg at their website:

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